Author and radiologist Laura Anne Hotchkiss pens an immersive children’s book titled “Why Not Walnut”

This book will be displayed and presented at the 2020 Tucson Festival of Books

Laura Anne Hotchkiss’ book“Why Not Walnut (The Moral of the Stories Series) (Volume 1) inspires an interest in reading through fun yet thoughtful stories which both children and adults can enjoy. The first book in the series, Why Not Walnut, is a heartwarming humorous children’s story of determination in the face of adversity to achieve one’s dreams.

Wally the Walnut has dreams that seem unreachable. He comes to life in a way that each of us in our hearts can relate. Wally’s story, so beautifully illustrated, take the reader on a journey through adversity and time. Why not reach for your dreams? Each story in the Series also offers additional resources, educational information and fun facts through the author website at RadReadBooks.com.

Immerse yourself in the child-friendly and colorfully brilliant literature of Laura Anne Hotchkiss by supporting her book Why Not Walnut as she presents it this March 15th until March 16th at the 2020 Tucson Festival of Books

Quote: This moving and visually appealing children’s book is a quick, yet powerful read. Children are intrigued by the momentum of the story, while adults find themselves wishing they too can be as loving and unselfish as Wally the Walnut.

About the Author

Laura Hotchkiss received her BA from the University of California, San Diego and set 5 school swimming records. Subsequently Laura pursued her MD from the Brown-Dartmouth Program in Medicine and eventually became Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology. Ultimately, she served as an Officer in the USAF. She is now settled in the State of Washington with her husband Bruce.  The desire to write children’s books stemmed from raising her four children. Generosity, empathy, listening skills, perspective and faith are traits that can be difficult to teach. Laura found a connection to her children through stories that she would make up.  This became the basis for the Moral of the Stories. Why Not Walnut is the first story in the series published.  All the stories have morals, some deep and thoughtful, others just fun. 

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