About the website

Fun fact pages will relate to the stories I have written and to future stories. I hope to inspire a curiosity in this world and inspire a yearn to learn. Enjoy!

Vocabulary words from my stories with a word-find puzzle are a great supplemental learning activity. A comprehension crossword puzzle is also included.

Artists may enjoy the Coloring Pages.







In order to print the page you would like to color, I have found it best to click the right mouse key off to the side of the illustration to bring up the print function on most computers.

I have also inserted a few select links to sites I have found interesting.  You might find them of interest too!


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There I post my thoughts and experiences on the writing process for my books.  You may friend me there if you like.  I am open to questions. Share your experiences that may relate to topics in the books or your writing.  I do ask that the site be kept family friendly and polite so that all can enjoy.



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